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(thank you and goodbye! The following video tour … CampusTours provides virtual tours of 1,700+ colleges and universities and builds virtual tours and interactive maps for schools and organizations worldwide. If you're considering applying to be an ambassador for your school,Hello and welcome to texas tech university.Hello. LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech Athletics has announced changes to its Red Raider Club Wreck 'Em Tour as the department will now offer a virtual event April 30 that will feature Director of Athletics Kirby Hocuttand several head coaches.
Visit CampusTake the Virtual Tour Carpenter/Wells. Texas Tech University Virtual Tour Are You Applying to Texas Tech University? The floor layout in Stangel/Murdough is unique for the complex, but the rooms are similar to Hulen, Clement, Wall, Gates, Chitwood, Weymouth, and Coleman. The following video tour explores Honors Hall, one of the pod style residence halls. Check out one of the buildings that every Tech Student is familiar with.Another building popular to the majority of Students. If it's on campus, it's only a few clicks away. This building is home to study rooms, text taking options, and even classrooms. ),CampusReel is such a great experience!
student guides) to the platform. I can't wait for you to explore my university and hear why I value this experience so much!Something went wrong.

In traditional virtual tours, you will mostly see still, unengaging images and will not see the surrounding area at all – which is why CampusReel virtual tours are so important.If you cannot visit Texas Tech University in person, then we can honestly say that we believe a CampusReel virtual tour of Texas Tech University is absolutely the most effective and holistic way to understand the Texas Tech University people, campus and community. The beauty of Texas Tech University virtual tours on CampusReel is that authentic video tours, made by real students, can be spectacular at capturing the Texas Tech University vibe. Your interactive connection to the sights and sounds of college life. Texas Tech University continues to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation both Explore the Campus Using the Virtual Tour Below. Honors. We are working on this though! Our goal is to eliminate all the time and money visiting Texas Tech University in person until you can make a strong educated guess that it’s worth the investment.For your convenience, below is a list of Texas Tech University places you can virtually tour on CampusReel.The downside of virtually touring Texas Tech University on CampusReel is that, admittedly, our technology does not yet mimic the exact feeling and experience of visiting Texas Tech University in person. The following video tour explores the Stangel/Murdough complex, fixed-furniture rooms. Most prospective families find that as soon as the step on campus, they instantly know whether or not they like the school – but they’ve already spent all that time and money getting there! The beauty of Texas Tech University virtual tours on CampusReel is that authentic video tours, made by real students, can be spectacular at capturing the Texas Tech University vibe. We also go well beyond the confines of the Texas Tech University campus by taking you around Lubbock. Virtually explore Texas Tech in a fully immersive 360-degree experience. Parking booths are open Mon – Fri from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and closed on weekends.For weekend visits to campus, please follow all posted parking signage. It really further connects you with your campus, student body, and self.

Texas Tech University is a hustling, bustling campus and community.

Texas Tech offers a unique classroom experience for each major and participant of that discipline.Media and communications buildings + other important places.Here's a walkthrough of my daily life around Texas Tech. All Rights Reserved.