OpenCore is an alternative bootloader to CloverEFI or Chameleon. The ‘Velociraptor’ is out now, with ‘T-Rex’ along the way.

Here is a definitive guide.Here is a list of all the files and GitHub projects that are used for OpenCore.This page looks best with JavaScript enabled,,,,,Files and Projects you need to download and what they do. Apple usually leaves Hackintosh creators alone but in cases where it can affect Apple’s sales, the company might lawyer up and stops the sales of clone Macs in the market.On the other hand, OpenCore Bootloader, a company that is well known for its robustness and speed in the Hackintosh community, distanced themselves from OpenCore Computers.

The new workstation, starting at $2,199, ships with both Windows 10 … It is not only for Hackintosh and can also be used on real macs for purposes that require an emulated EFI. The Open Compute Project (OCP) is reimagining hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable. An unofficial community to discuss Apple devices and software, including news, rumors … It also injects drivers support (kext) differently than past methods and is far more stable.Even with OpenCore supporting a lot more hardware there is still some hardware that simply will not work on macOS no matter what you do. Source for the content in this post is from

A brief guide to using the OpenCore boot-loader for hackintoshes. The company will also debut a computer called ‘Megalodon’, inspired by an extinct species of sharks.The Velociraptor retails for $2,199 with the 8-core. OpenCore Computers has a lineup of PCs with names inspired by extinct giant animals, which symbolizes power and strength. Apple might not allow OpenCore computers to continue offering its product in the market as selling of products that run macOS without being an official Apple product is a violation of Apple’s end-user license agreement (EULA). OpenCore Computer courts Apple's wrath with Velociraptor Hackintosh desktop PC.

Join us. It's not just about building a computer, it's about building the ultimate gaming experience.

It teaches you the proper way to setup your system to work long term in the macOS ecosystem.Source for the content in this post is from.I use opencore for compatibility and everything can be setup in a non macOS environment.

"The Best Overclockers Need The Best PSUs" That's why Wizerty uses Cooler Master. In a few months’ time, OpenCore will launch ‘T-Rex’ with 64-core CPU and 256GBs of memory which will be followed by ‘Megalodon’ with an even better CPU core.An avid blogger and book enthusiast with an extensive love for learning new things.In a national wide ban, American President, Donald Trump will be signing another executive order…,After iOS, Fortnite will no longer be available on macOS as well. The company stated:“We at Acidanthera are a small group of enthusiasts who are passionate about Apple ecosystem and spend time developing software to improve macOS compatibility with different kinds of hardware including older Apple-made computers and virtual machines.

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The ‘Velociraptor’ is out now, with ‘T-Rex’ along the way. The World of PC Building. Be safe.”.OpenCore Computers has a lineup of PCs with names inspired by extinct giant animals, which symbolizes power and strength.

Visit our website. This goes over how to install macOS on pretty much any piece of hardware.OpenCore is a relatively young project, but is by far my favorite.