And over those 4 years I have had to spend $$thounds$$ a year because of his compermised immune system. I don't use rat poison personally, but every time we move to a rental home I ask if the previous tenants used poisons anywhere. "Very very bad idea" I hope my dog makes it through this, she's been given a vk1 shot and we let the vet do anything else they need to in hopes she will survive, I know blood transfusion may be needed and possibly plasma too, I'm just so sad that this happened to my dog and this suffering could have been avoided had I only took the dangers of using rat poison seriously. Phosphides work by releasing deadly phosphine gas, which is produced when the poison mixes with stomach acid. She spent two days at the hospital. The next step is to decontaminate the stomach through inducing vomiting of pumping the stomach.

Unfortunately, dogs and other animals also think the baits smell good. All the gardening and lawn products should always be labeled and tightly sealed in containers. He died there. usually you don’t need to include extra bait to attract the critters. Upon ingesting bromethalin, fluids accumulate in the brain, causing neurological signs that may lead to paralysis, muscle tremors, and seizures.Within hours of ingesting strychnine, affected dogs may appear agitated, anxious, and apprehensive. ( Oh and I got the exterminator to pay all the vet bills. In the case of anticoagulant rat poison, there is fortunately an antidote if vet attention is sought on time. September 22, 2015. When the vet first asked if she had been exposed to rat poison, I immediately said "no" and then my boyfriend said that his sister had rats at one point. But there's also another reason to be careful with rat poisons. Some rats and mice will survive poisoning, and live to reproduce. Call your veterinarian immediately if you believe your dog ate rat poison. Dr. James W. Randolph, a small animal veterinarian at Animal General Hospital in Long Beach, MS. recommends administering 1 mL of 3 percent …

We have never been supporters of this practice, and asked them to stop this practice. I think my dog ate some mole/gopher poison pellets. However, it is very rare to see signs like vomiting, diarrhea, nose bleeding, and bloody urine, bleeding gums or swollen joints.What do you need to do when you see these signs? Therefore, this article will help you in the early hours before you the vet.Four major ingredients exist in rat poisons. Also, as this type of mouse and rat poison does not have an antidote, immediate therapy should be sought by calling Pet Poison Helpline and seeking veterinary attention. ".However, time is of the essence, and your best bet is to contact your vet or head towards your closest animal emergency center immediately.If you cannot reach the vet before two hours has passed, you can try the following with a veterinary professional's approval.The survival rate of anticoagulant rat poisoning is roughly 98.7% according to a study published in.Anticoagulant (brodifacoum, bromadiolone, chlorophacinone, diphacinone, or warfarin).This is the most common type of rat poison ingested by dogs.
I told thim I wanted to take him home and do vitamin k and just spend time with him and hope and pray. And there wasn't anything in the vomit. Bleeding can also occur internally, causing the dog to become weak, lose his appetite, and have pale gums.A swollen lump may indicate a hematoma (the accumulation of blood under the skin), and the abdomen may develop ascites (the accumulation of fluid giving a swollen appearance).Bruising and small pin-point red areas (petechiae) may be indicative of under-the-skin bleeding.Seizures, nervousness, anxiety, impaired movement, and paralysis may be other symptoms. determine what is toxic to a particular pet. - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. These are fast-acting poisons, taking only days to be effective.

Depending on several factors, your vet may or may not want to see your dog. If a large amount is ingested, symptoms will appear within 2 to 24 hours and is rapidly fatal.Decreased appetite and thirst, pressing head against furniture, circling, impaired movement, hind limb paralysis, tremors, seizures.This poison increases calcium levels in the body to a life-threatening level. Thank you,I hope your vet can go to the bottom of this, best wishes for a speedy recovery.This article is great.

My dog may have eaten mole poison and we're not sure when at least 10 hours if not 24. I rushed him to tje vet were they induced vomit and fluids are going through her. Multiple doses of activated charcoal can be given to the dog to bind up the poison.Therefore, with the idea in mind that this poison has a narrow margin of safety in all pets, you should be able to take quick action when you realize your dog has ingested the poison.