The Waves are obviously world class but the people here made our trip really personable. gingin mentawai surf lodge, the best place to go on the planet for a surf trip with your family or friends! Nyang Nyang Island is an undeveloped slice of paradise within the Mentawaiian Archipelago, populated only by only a small number of local villages and accommodation catering to surfers. ","When looking for a plethora of wave perfection, amazing fine dining, excellent hospitality at an unheard of value for money, along with bulls-eye surf guiding, Mentawai Surf Camp is definitely a place I'm coming back to","So many good waves in such a close distance","Endless fun in the jungle with the best crew, the staff is amazing and surf guides definitely know what they are doing, they will take you to score the best of the day, so stoked, i'll be back!

The surf guides were always on hand to bring us to the best uncrowded spots and managed to get us surfing incredible waves on our own for 90% of the trip. Had the time of my life, made many memories which I'll never forget. Enjoy…,A sandy tropical paradise, with incredible waves, the perfect surf adventure Mojosurf Mentawai Surf Camp, the best accommodation in Mentawai Islands. The WavePark Mentawai Surf Resort in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia provides transfers, accommodation, guiding, food, drink and activities included in your daily price. Mojosurf Camp Mentawais, the best accommodation in Mentawai Islands. His is an execellent host, Lora is a very casual and great chef and the camp is very well directed. Rooms are comfortable share style accommodation and include fresh bedding provided every few days and a shared private bathroom.3 meals a day are provided with Western and Indonesian dishes and breakfast dishes including banana pancakes, omelettes, toast and fresh fruit. Surf Camps in the Mentawai Islands. Home to the likes of Rifles, Kandui, Greenbush & Macaronis its not hard to see why...".The ultimate Mentawai surf resort with direct access to what's been described as the funnest wave on the planet...Set in a pristine bay with sunset views overlooking Pitstops, an extremely fun and rippable right hander...The benchmark for any surf trip and with 20+ waves on offer, it's arguably the best surf destination on the planet,The only camp in the bay, each bungalow overlooks Lances Left, one of the most consistent & fun waves in Indo.Overlooking HT's, a picture perfect world class tube & one of Indonesia's most iconic right handers.Family & couple oriented surf resort, Awera is also one of the least crowded surf regions in the Mentawais islands...Enjoy a totally authentic experience at Umata Village's beachfront "Uma". The WavePark Mentawai Surf Resort in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia provides transfers, accommodation, guiding, food, … Our location has been graced with year round swell consistency, variable elegant winds, exceptional tropical climate, and crystal clear ocean all around. A trip of a lifetime. They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels, there are set-ups for everyone. The waves that surround the camp are truly breath taking you have every thing you could possibly imagine from beng bengs and pit stops which are the most shreddable longest walls with nice punt sections, and then on the other end of the scale you have some of the most heavy but perfect waves were you can get the tube of your life like NoKanduis, Rifles and,"MSC is such an epic spot for a surf camp and a surf trip. The guys always went out of their way to find us the best uncrowded waves!! All Padang Taxis, Every day Mentawai fast ferry crossings to camp, OR .