The future of castor growing as a crop is excellent in Pakistan. Ricinoelicia acid is an unsaturated fatty acid and further (1%), oleic acid (7%) and linoleic acid (3%).

Castor is a tall branched shrub which reaches a height of up to 4 m. The stem is hollow, erect and grayish green in colour when tender, and as it ages, the stem changes to brownish red colour. Castor Bean plant is very easy to grow, plant seeds approx.

So far is the plant, Caster bean (Ricimus communis L.) belonging to family Euphorbiaceae, a small shrub that can attain 10 m or above height. In Pakistan, varietal development was conducted at various research institutes resulted in the development of three varieties C-3, US-1 and DS-30. Sandy and high clayey soil is preferred for its cultivation.

and can remove more than 90% blighted seed, budding seed, damaged seed (by insect), rotten seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seed, non-viable seed, seed with black powder sick ; 3 Selecting grain by air screen, gravity table, vibrating screen. The most prominent rate of growth was recorded in 2010, with an increase of X% year-to-year. Pakistan Journal of Nematology, 9(1):21-30; 28 ref.

The yield potentials range from 1000-1500 kgs.

The genetic potential of DS-30 is 15-20 maunds/acres.Future of castor cultivation is great in Pakistan.

The flowers are seen in terminal inflorescences which are green and sometimes red in colour.Get our app to avail exclusive 5% discount. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.2020 Pansari, Pakistan's First Premium Herbal Store, All Right Reserved.Input quantity should be >= minimum quantity,We deal in 100% Organice & Premium Quality Products.We offer 100% Refund or Replacement incase of any quality issues.Our dedicated support team will be more than happy to assit you.Castor is a tall branched shrub which reaches a height of up to 4 m. The stem is hollow, erect and grayish green in colour when tender, and as it ages, the stem changes to brownish red colour. It is essentially a tropical /sub tropical crop and grows naturally on a wide range of geographical regions and can be grown or cultivated under a variety of physical and climatic regimes.It is being cultivated in about 43 countries of the world.

The castor bean seed is a source of castor oil for multiple usage, good as rodent repellent as well. Castor Oil Seed Market Size in Pakistan The revenue of the castor oil seed market in Pakistan amounted to $X in 2017, picking up by X% against the previous year. In chemical industries, castor oil is used in production of > 300 deservatives compounds.

Castor bean is usually planted just before the rainy season in the month of June.

Being a remunerative crop, it fetches the attention of farmers. Its productivity is quite encouraging indicating that it can be increased tremendously provided public and private sector extend incentive and support to the farmers and research institutes.

Internationally, castor oil is used in more than 300 derivatives for use in soap, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paints and varnishes /lubricant in high-speed jet engines. Combined cultivation of castor with chili, peanut and pigeon pea is also a pertain in India and ray or hope in Pakistan.Castor is a remunerative crop of drylands. Castor Farming--Highly Profitable Crop In Pakistan - YouTube

Australia: African coffee tree; castor bean; castor oil bush; castor oil tree; castorbean tree; maple weed; Palma Christi; wonder tree; Brazil ... Control of plant-parasitic nematodes with oilseed cakes on some vegetables in field. Pakistan 18 aridity and 9 crops growth zones have been identified in both kharif and rabi seasons. argan oil is most. Arid climate in kharif and hyper arid in rabi stretched over 26.97 mha towards the central south eastern parts of the country.Castor being drought tolerant crop is cultivated in those areas de3ficit in water in summer and autumn season. However, more area suitable for its cultivation under semi arid region can be explored and utilized through organized R&D. Perennial varieties/ local land races are also available for cultivation.Currently, Castor is cultivated on main boundaries of the field to protect crop from storm etc.Future scope of castor cultivation in Pakistan in semi arid and arid regions is maximum. Its boiling point is 313 °C (595 °F) and its density is 961 kg/m 3. It is used as auto lubricant.In Punjab, castor is being cultivated in various district including Multan, DG Khan and Bahawalpur. However, it can be cultivated throughout the year in areas where irrigation facility is available.