One discipline in which Romania was particularly dominant was women’s artistic gymnastics. Romania’s Greatest Games – The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics As we draw closer to the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (now only just 62 days away) it is interesting to reflect upon how sport can act as a common unifier of people and cultures within a competitive context. are working with the IOC to produce a new site. Romania competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States.

This blog post will succulently outline the context behind Romania’s decision to compete in the 1984 Summer Olympics and briefly outline the country’s superlative performance at that instalment of the Games.The 1979 Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan prompted a U.S.-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow. should be directed The OlyMadMen who provided the data behind the Sports Reference Olympic site have reopened,We have closed the site permanently. According to historian Harold E. Wilson, the country’s President Nicolae Ceausescu wished to show to the ‘West’ that Romania was capable of pursuing policies independent of the USSR, which subsequently led some to characterize the nation as the ‘maverick of Eastern Europe.’ So while the USSR’s boycott was undoubtedly a political act, so too, in some respects, was Romania’s decision to participate.This is all to arrive at a more general conclusion. It’s Vowel Harmony: A Peek into Hungarian Phonology.Why was the Chain Bridge in Budapest so important?Isaac Edward Salkinson – Jewish Life among the Danube,Privilege, Poverty, and Global Citizenship,Dositej Obradovic’s voyage towards Serbian Unity via London,Roksanda Ilinčić – Danubian Fashion and Fusion in London,Serbia in London – The Church of St. Sava a short video,Serbian Food in London: “only meat and spice, not like American hot dogs.”,Serbian Writer Miloš Crnjanski: Global Citizen who believed we are all connected.The Mekong and the Danube: Rivers and Friendships?Thoughts on “Up, Down and Across the River; The Danube through Travellers’ Eyes”,Constantin Brâncuși: The Endless Column/ The Column without End,Fairy Tales as a Matter of Life and Death,Conflicts along the flumen danuuius: Trajan’s excursions into Dacia,Romania’s Greatest Games – The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics,Roumania, Roumania: Jewish Life in Romania,Toil and Trouble: Romanian Witches and the Threat to Their Riches,“Would Romanians Vote for Ceaușescu If He Were Alive Today?” A Review by Joseph Lambert,Forgetting in Construction of Social Identity,A Short Overview of the Crimean History: The Crimean Tatars,Novelist Eva Gata: A Revitalizing Force in Ukrainian Literature,The Perpetual Persecution of the Romani population, with a focus on Modern Ukraine,The Ukrainian Vyshyvanka (Traditional Embroidered Shirt),1944 – Ukrainian victory at the Eurovision,A person without friends is like a tree without roots,At the Crossroads: Bilingualism and National Identity in Ukraine,The very too often forgotten Ukrainian Church just next to Bond Street,Ukrainian Buckwheat Patties: An Adventure in the Culinary Arts,Ukrainian Folk Song: The Night is so Moonlit: Ніч яка місячна,Contemporary Ukrainian Literature: Shevchenko, Suppression, and Success,Diversity within diversity – Hungarians speakers living in Ukraine,Evolution of Ukrainian Traditional Clothing,Roma in Ukraine: The Success of the Servitka Roma and Persisting Problems,Rivers & Rhythms – A documentary by the crew,The History of the Cyrillic Script in Bulgaria.Why is there a lack of integration and opportunities for Roma people in Bulgaria?Greetings from the Danubian city Ruse: by Gergana Marincheva,Our Dining Experience at the Sunny Beach Restaurant,Our exhibition during UCL’s Festival of Culture,10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bulgaria,BULGARIA: TRANSITION FROM SOVIET STATE TO EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY,Communism, Democracy, and Globalisation in Millennial Bulgaria.The Dodo, the Quagga, the Danube Sturgeon and Us – Can You Spot the Pattern?The Four River Gods of Piazza Navona in Rome,Emil’s amazing life and his perspective on Bulgaria,The Bulgarian alphabet: Българската азбука,Twentieth Century Bulgarian Intellectuals and Writers in London… SSEES Lecture,From Danube to London: Yiddish Everyday Life,Interactive Timeline of Yiddish History in London.The Yid army- Proud representatives of London Jews, or offensive anachronism?The Yiddish Group at the UnConference: Report,Wealthy French Cows, Global Citizenship and Why We Should Stay in the EU,Yiddish among the Stream of languages along the Danube,Yiddish art in London: A game of hide and seek,An interview with Barry Davis, our Yiddish language teacher,Final Film Project: We Won’t Let Anybody Push Us Down,In Or Out?