It’s boutique businesses, stunning seaside and friendly mood makes it one of the most charming small towns in America.Built on springs thought to be healing, Yellow Springs is a cosy Ohio town perfect for R&R. Here you’ll find a shared sense of place, history and culture that’s unique to the town. You’ll spend about $3,500 on groceries annually and approximately the same on utilities.Another Texas city that’s one of the best places to retire, Midland will run you about $19,000 for annual housing costs. Hugging the Delaware River, it’s surrounded by beautiful scenery and just a hop away from famous New Castle Battery Park. Unspoilt white sand beaches, cosy B&Bs, old-world taverns and a unique historic district. Don’t even get us started on the food. Nature enthusiasts will love the neverending trails that lead to crystal clear lakes and alpine meadows. Situated at the base of Yellowstone National Park, it’s famous for its surrounding beauty. Bonus: You’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.If you’re on a retirement budget, consider moving to Sioux Falls. Here Are the Cities Luring (and Losing) the Most Americans,Mortgage Rates Drop Once Again—Sparking More Interest in Loan Refinancing,This Is the Most Affordable Housing Market for Buyers With Student Debt,Forget Delivery—Here Are 5 of the Best Backyard Pizza Ovens You Can Buy Right Now,These 5 Living Room Looks on Instagram Have Us So Excited for Fall,Legendary Football Coach Lou Holtz Selling $4.5M Mansion in Orlando,3 Reasons Millennial Buyers Love VA Loans,Tarek El Moussa Reveals One Cool Upgrade That May Be a Waste of Cash.

Afterwards, head to the local art studio where you can paint pottery or make other crafts. Then the perfect compromise may be to steer clear of the big cities and head toward a small city instead—starting with Leawood, KS.Located about 10 miles south of Kansas City, Leawood, with a population of just under 35,000, was recently ranked.More than 1,200 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000 were analyzed based on 42 elements of livability, including economic health, education, quality of life, safety, plus the existence of amenities typically associated with big cities (e.g., the density of restaurants and coffee shops).And while small cities might not stand up to massive metros like New York City or Los Angeles in terms of nightlife of five-star restaurants, they do have one distinct advantage many will appreciate: a lower cost of living.“The best thing about getting a home and moving to a small city is affordability,”.And housing is a huge part of that affordability: “Small cities are a great place to buy a home for those who appreciate a quainter life and shorter commutes,” Gonzalez says.So what are the housing prices like in Leawood, anyway?

Pennsylvania has the highest number of safe small towns with 19, and New Jersey is a close second with 18. Why not move if you can find more affordable housing and possibly lower your tax bill?When you choose, consider how a city stacks up on good public transportation, nearby healthcare, weather you can tolerate, socializing opportunities and senior amenities. Either way, you’ll feel right at home in this cosy Louisiana heartland.Few places wow like the neverending stretch of Oregon’s coast. Here’s you’ll find the world’s absolute best salmon, king crab, halibut and so much more.This picturesque Door County jewel is busting with character. Filled with charm and plenty of friendly locals, small towns are synonymous with American life. The John D. Barrow Art Gallery is perfect for a weekend afternoon, and Anyela’s Vineyard is a real treat for winos. Located just south of the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest in San Bernardino County, California, this small ‘burb also offers low annual groceries and utility expenditures, at $3,815 and $3,750.60, respectively.If you enjoy coastal living, Newport News could be one of the best small towns to retire in for you. Explore the local colonial history or take in the natural scenery that surrounds. In Woodstock, you can enjoy delicious farm to table meals, endless scenic trails and then experience its rural heritage without ever getting on a highway.Stockbridge looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, and that’s because it is! Eat your heart out with their world-famous seafood and then take in the golden beaches.The outdoorsy and charming small town is Montana’s best-kept secret. Either way, you’re in for a heavy dose of Scandinavian charm.The friendly come as you are attitude, pre-civil war history, charming small town eateries and family shops are what make Jefferson, Texas so special. The old town is chock full of hidden gems from tiny eateries to family jewellers and the coast hosts several outdoor activities. Augustine has all the charm you’d expect from a lively town founded in 1565 by Spanish colonizers. With so many small towns offering attractive benefits for retirees, it’s tough to narrow down the choices.Enter GOBankingRates, which has trimmed the list to a manageable 30 small towns that are the best places to retire.  To determine this list, we estimated the annual retirement income needed to afford housing, health costs, food, transportation and other living expenses in 60 cities outside the 150 largest U.S. cities. With a low crime rate and annual groceries expenditure of around $3,600, it’s definitely a place that should be on your radar.If you’re an outdoors fan, Conroe could be the perfect place for you to retire, with its lake and abundance of pine and hardwood forests. Plan your next trip around these quaint, idyllic spots.
‘Small Town America’ is a world in and of itself. With lots of seniors to keep you company, you won’t be lacking friends, and you’ll spend only $26,335.44 per year on housing to enjoy everything it has to offer, including 28 lush parks.Retire in Overland Park and your annual grocery and utilities bills will run you approximately $3,500 each annually.

Spend the afternoon exploring the Underground Railroad Museum and then head to a local microbrewery.This seaside village is every bit as charming as you’d expect with a name like ‘Mystic’. Don't Neglect These 6 Maintenance Tasks—or Else,Debunked! "Pie has always been America’s dessert. Only 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, the surrounding area is just as interesting as the local town. Take a sunset walk down the beach or enjoy some delicious Greek fare in this sleepy coastal town.Rich in mineral springs, boutiques, mountainscapes and local arts, Manitou Springs is one of the nation’s most charming small towns.