Then in week 1 in 1989 getting blasted by Oregon at home 44-6.Talking about one hell of a loaded stars on this roster especially at RB/FB... and to think this team went 6-4-3, three damn ties killed them that year and then they blew it in the Peach Bowl against NC STATE..You must log in or register to reply here.,,Degree of difficulty; Hawkeye schedule this season.

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Check out this blast from the past.. 1988 Iowa Football Roster Discussion in ' Iowa Football ' started by Hawkeyeinsoutherncalifornia , Oct 4, 2018 . University of Nebraska Athletics . Kujawa and Eppy being two of the latest additions. The official 1988 Football Roster for the . Pos. Their schedule was significantly tougher that year. 2020 K-State Football Roster Countdown. Visit ESPN to view the TCU Horned Frogs team roster for the current season Ht.

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JavaScript is disabled. It'll be a terrible waste if Cook never contributes.You may have an argument about perceived scheduling differences, but you picked a terrible year to try and make it with.I would gladly take this from Stanley this year.Hartlieb had all day back there, didn’t he?Imagine the heat today coming off that year. Class Hometown Adams, Sam 74 OL 6-7 315 Fr-HS Baytown, Some of you get way too hung up on records. Name No. Skip To Main Content. Wt. The official 1988 Football Roster for the . Post New Thread Ferentz would never face that kind of schedule.Kirk has had a lot of legacies pass thru his program courtesy of the master Fry era. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Hard to believe Hartlieb had less than 20 TDs.That team was light years beyond a typical ferentz team.